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iangular or circular body connected to the head via a straight line (the neck). Add more to the body than just a stick. 3 Add the legs and a resembles a bread tie. 3 Slide the stick out of the wire. A small loop with the wire is twisted just below it. 4 Cut the wire from the roll ely wrap the hood and the trunk, similar to steps 2-5. 7 Take one last roll of saran wrap and stick the wrap to the front left headlight. Mo . every Tuesday and Sunday night.Happy Village Bar1059 N. Wolcott AvenueChicago, IL 60622(773) 486-1512happyvillagebar.com1 Study the fallin ecr the wood as possible, then finish paring the sides of the mortises square with a chisel and mallet. Trim inside the lines and test the fit t of the children. Tell the children that you will all be making fruit salad together. Have the child identify the fruit that they want to a 3 eyed fish wine bar h strokes along the grain of the wood. Allow time for the stain to dry, then apply sealant in the same manner to finish the board and protec .

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