1978 wine

shape just below the horizontal line on the face; this is her mouth. Draw two oval shapes above the s ame horizontal line, making her eyes. 3 Draw one oval shape covering the upper leg line of the stick figure and a smaller oval below it, beginning the detail for her calf muscles. Do the same for the ot her leg. Draw two curved lines below the shoulder of the stick figure, creating her bust, and then cl Raw Food Diet osely follow the body's curve with a curving line to create her arms. 4 Draw a curving line about 1 i nch from the body's frame, bringing it back behind the drawn figure and around to the other side, cre 1978 wine ating her cape. Robin 5 Draw a basic stick figure from the side angle, meaning only one side of the b .

wo triangles downward, pointing at the horizontal line on the egg shape. Draw jagged edges pointing u pward just above the triangles you've just drawn. Complete the jagged edges by drawing them slightly higher than the egg shape and connecting them; this is the base for your character's hair. 7 Draw an hourglass figure from the shoulder line, connecting into the leg portion of your figure. Draw an oval Rice Diet shape at the top of the stick-figure leg and another oval just below it, making his calf muscles. Dr aw an oval shape at the top of the hourglass figure and another just below it, making his arm muscles 1978 wine . 8 Draw a diamond shape at the end of each of the figure's legs and round one end of each diamond sh .

he egg shape and continue to draw until the "m" shape turns into his mask. 9 Draw a straight line abo ut 1/2 inch away from the body, stopping at the lower oval shape on the figure's leg. Connect the str aight line horizontally across and behind the figure to make his cape.1 Sand the original paint off t he Melteca using a stearate-free sandpaper. This type of sandpaper is missing a dry adhesive layer th Slim-Fast at may cause damage to the Melteca. 2 Wipe off the debris left behind by the sanding process with a l int-free cloth. A lint-free cloth will not leave behind any debris of its own when wiping the Melteca 1978 wine . 3 Apply a coat of primer paint with a paint brush and allow it to dry for at least two hours. 4 App .

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