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he winning players upon completion of play.Dance Move Challenge Use notorious and flamboyant moves li ke the "Q-Tip" or the "Running Man" dances as a catalyst for a dancing-and-talking challenge. Have al l the players stand in a circle and choose one player to go first. The first player will say the name of another player as well as an object in the room or an action that takes place in the room. For ex Engine 2 Diet ample, if playing in a kitchen, she could name a spoon, a stove or even stirring. The person she name s has three seconds to come up with a dance move that reflects the word chosen. For example, if she h 6 oz wine bottles ad been assigned the word stove, she could improvise turning on the stove and opening the oven as a d .

e For this game, have the players start a dance rumor and see if it can make it, intact, all the way to the last player. Have all the players stand in a circle and ask one of the them at random to think of a particular dance or dance move. The choice can range from the Macarena to the moon walk to the "Cupid Shuffle." The player must then whisper it to the player on her right, who passes it to her rig Fast Diet ht, and so on, until it reaches the person to the left of the player who started it. Each player only receives one chance to hear and say the name of the dance. When it reaches the last player, she must 6 oz wine bottles perform the dance she is told to her best ability. If she performs the correct dance, she and the pe .

ange from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to the "Electric Slide," the "Hokey Pokey," "The Twist" or eve n the "Dougie." Break the group into teams of two and invite each team to the front of the room for a turn. One player draws a card and reads the dance move. She must then describe the dance as best she can to her partner without giving specific names or demonstrating the moves herself. If her partner Fast Food Diet can name and dance the move she is describing the team receives a point. Cycle through several rounds and the player with the most points at the end wins. Dance Storytelling Gather all the players in a 6 oz wine bottles circle in an open room and instruct them to work together to tell a story. Each player must contribut .

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