10 bottle wine rack

4 Lay your parts on a cookie sheet and put the them in the oven set to 100 degrees. This pre-heats t he parts so paint can better adhere in the next step. 5 Remove the parts from the oven and apply the spray coating following the method outlined by the manufacturer. 6 Set the oven to 300 degrees F and return the parts into the oven for approximately one hour. 7 Remove the parts after one hour and allo free html css business website templates w them to cool before reassembling the gun.1 Read the data sheet for the varactor diode. Note the lea d designations for the anode and cathode. 2 Cut three 2-inch pieces of 22-gauge wire and strip ? inch 10 bottle wine rack of insulation from each end. Solder one wire to each of the 10K-ohm variable resistor's three solder .

column on the board. Insert the 0.01-microfarad capacitor, connecting one lead to the variable resist or's center lug and the other to one of the remaining lugs. Insert one 8-inch wire so it shares this last connection. Connect this wire to the 12-volt DC power supply's ground terminal. Insert another 8 -inch wire so it connects to the last remaining variable resistor lug. Connect this wire to the posit pennsylvania corporate net income tax form ive terminal of the DC power supply. 4 Insert the 1-megohm resistor so one lead shares the connection between the 0.01-microfarad capacitor and the variable resistor center lug. Connect the other lead i 10 bottle wine rack nto a free column. 5 Insert the diode's cathode lead into the column having the 1-megohm resistor's f .

other lead to a free column. 7 Insert one lead of the 220-picofarad capacitor so it shares the column having only the 0.1-microfarad capacitor. Insert its other lead into a free column. Insert an 8-inch wire into this column and leave the other end unconnected for now. 8 Insert one lead of the 2.4-mill ihenry inductor so it connects to the column used by the 220-picofarad and 0.1-microfarad capacitors. best free css templates 2013 Connect the other lead to the varactor's anode. 9 Connect the radio-frequency oscillator's output to the free 8-inch wire. Connect the oscilloscope probe to this same wire. Connect the probe's ground c 10 bottle wine rack lip and the oscillator's ground to the power supply ground. 10 Turn the oscillator and oscilloscope o .

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